The state requires ID cards for employees in construction and the cleaning industry.

We deliver approved cards and follow up when they need to be renewed.

Information regarding HSE card

What are HSE cards for the construction industry?

The Norwegian Working Environment Authority must ensure that the regulations are complied with. The purpose is to identify who the building / construction worker is, and who he / she works for. The card is thus an ID card that will help prevent undeclared work, social dumping, illegal labor immigration, etc.


It is therefore in the interest of the construction industry that the regulations are followed and that it thus becomes more difficult for rogue players to gain a competitive advantage.


The HSE cards are issued by Evry card on behalf of the state. We assist companies that want to outsource the work of applying for cards to their employees.

Who needs an HSE Card?

HSE cards must be carried by everyone who works on construction sites, both in the short and long term, in addition to sole proprietorships who work on construction sites on behalf of companies or private individuals.


The requirement to have a building card also applies to those who perform support functions on a construction site, such as architects, cleaning staff, canteen staff, etc.


Persons who transport goods to and from building and construction sites must also have a card if the transport assignments are routine.


Craftsmen who only work in the private market, for example fitting kitchens, are also covered by the order.

Requirements for the company

In order to be able to order HSE cards for the building and construction industry, the company must be registered in the Brønnøysund registers and VAT registers.


The Brønnøysund registers

    (ie that the company must have an organization number)


The VAT register * *) We can exceptionally register companies that are newly

     started, or for other reasons have not been registered in the VAT register.

Requirements for the employees

In order to be able to order HSE cards for the construction industry, employees must be registered in these registers:


The National Population Register or SFU (SFU = Central Tax Office for Foreign Affairs)


NAV Aa register (register for employees)


Foreign employees only need to register with SFU, which assigns a D-number and

    handles information about the employment relationship.


Important: We will not be able to produce cards if there is a lack of registration for the employee. Even if registration has been sent, it may not be complete. Orders placed without the registration being ready result in delays and extra work.

Consequences of not having a valid construction card / HSE card

Companies that have not obtained an HSE card for employees will be ordered by the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority to do so. If the order is not complied with, the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority may refuse employees to work until a card has been obtained. Particularly serious cases will be reported to the police.